Fat people don’t run…LIE!


So maybe I can’t run for a long time, but I sure can speed walk! I’ve been able to complete a few 5k run/walk events this past year, and I’m proud of that. Never in a million years did I think that crossing that finish line would be something I could do…but I DID IT!

I guess I’m saying all of that to say…

GET YOUR BODY IN MOTION 🙂 Just because you are overweight doesn’t mean that you can’t keep in shape. I’m not telling you to run a warrior marathon, but I do encourage you to take baby steps. Find an activity that you enjoy and just DO IT! We are entering the Spring/Summer months, so more outdoor activities are possible.

Your body might hurt.

Your lungs will burn.

Your feet will swell.

You will sweat in places you never knew existed.

…and you will enjoy it!


I hate the word FAT…

I’ve always felt that the word FAT was thrown around as a dagger to hurt others, something used to bring reproach or shame. I grew up the FAT kid…getting teased one too many times on the playground, so much so that this FAT kid became a BIG bully! I can remember threatening people with my FAT…”don’t make me squish you!”, “I’ll sit on you!”, but being called ‘Free Willy’ in elementary school, was the last straw! I knew I was a BIG kid, but I certainly wasn’t as BIG as a whale. Something in me snapped. After the taunts and jeers I wiped my tears and walked away. I remember going home and telling my father what happened. He looked at me and said “Stop letting others have power over the way you view yourself.” I didn’t appreciate his advice then, but now it gives me the fuel I need to endure.

So call me FAT, PLUMP, CHUBBY, OBESE, LARGE, BIG, FULL FIGURED, or PLUS SIZE if you want, but I prefer CHUNKY! To me the word CHUNKY means something that is delicious, yummy or tasty. My intention for this blog is to create a place where words used to describe an over-weight person can be re-defined, to become words of self-love and appreciation. Please do not think that I’m co-signing people to live an unhealthy life style (because I’m a slight health nut), I just think the first step in becoming healthy, is to have love for the person you are, in the body that you currently have.

With this first post, I proudly welcome you to the Chunky Girl Coalition!

So tell me, what is your FAT truth?